Failures and Rejection

Dear people who have ever been rejected,

Two weeks ago I said I’d write to tell you how my eclairs came out. They were not good. I made a lot of mistakes during the process understandable, given it was my first time making choux pastry. I intend to make it again sometime soon. What did I learn? I need to make sure the dough is smooth after I add the eggs. Next time,  I won’t use my pastry bag because none of my piping tips were wide enough to give me the proper form for puffs- a ziploc bag will do! Lastly I’ll make sure to do an egg wash. This isn’t me beating myself up, just telling you what went wrong so maybe you can take these things into account.

This is what I ended up with:


They didn’t not taste like choux pastry. People thought they looked interesting and were curious, but overall it didn’t quite work out.

This failure leads me to my next point about failure and rejection. I got a job last week in a temporary position that would be filled in by that department’s yet to be hired boss- I don’t want to dump a bunch of film jargon on you. But basically I was there for a week but there was a teeny tiny possibility that if the new head of that department didn’t bring in a new person for my position that I could keep that position through September. This would mean a lot of good things. Unfortunately, I was very nervous with the thought of that being a possibility and instead of acting like my usual self I acted like my usual self when I walk into a room full of strangers- like a nervous, bumbling, dum dum. It tapered off after the first few days but I was nervous around my boss and perhaps didn’t give a good first impression. I can be a bit tepid and impenetrable so that makes people uncomfortable.

So on Friday I brought in a cherry pie. Pie has become the opposite of choux pastry- I actually for the most part know what I’m doing. The director of the film eat two slices.  They were impressed and my boss thought it was sweet. I sent a thank you email and got one back suggesting I wouldn’t be coming back, “All the best” and all that. I hope that even if I don’t come back they’ll remember me and my pie! Even though I didn’t get the job on a long term basis and I’m a bit bummed about it rejection is good. I got to stretch out a few other skills during my time that I hadn’t used in a while and I got to meet some pretty cool people. I hope to find something a little more permanent soon.




This guy is the ultimate n00b.