Memorial Day

Dear Pie People,

I’ve made my best pie yet! I’m pretty proud of this one. The crust didn’t shrink. This picture is all mine:


No shrinkage!

I’m excited to serve this tomorrow. I also made some tarte au citron that’s solidifying in the fridge and have a ton of lemon curd left over. I’m thinking about making some choux pastry because my brother is going to try to devour this entire pie himself and I need to do something about all this lemon curd. I ended up making him a mini pie with left over dough- nothing shall go to waste!

I need to expand my portfolio from these three shorts to a few features under my belt. That’s all going take time but I’m going to have a brainstorming session. I also still have to do all those re-writes! Busy, busy weekend. Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend. I’ll be posting some summer goals on Monday when I take a break from my editing and transcribing session.



P.S. I’ve been slacking on these movie sign offs. Here’s a movie that’s on my mind today.

Jorodowsky’s The Holy Mountain


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