Cauliflower Rice- A New Frontier

Dear Fellow Veg-Heads,

Today, I went to a market to donate clothes- GROWNYC check it out! It’s pouring out here in New York but I made it and my clothes didn’t end up in some land fill. Until recently I had just no idea how toxic the fashion industry was for the planet in its current model. Normally my mother would send these clothes to her family in the Dominican Republic but there were a lot of winter clothes in that mix. Proximity to the equator and winter clothes don’t mix.

The rest of the market was a bit pricey but I do intend to return. It was also raining so I didn’t want to stay outside. This led me to Trader Joes. And there it was Cauliflower Rice! I’d heard rumblings of this “new” trendy dish. The rice industry is in dismay! It’s Low CARB! Healthy! So I bought some for a very reasonable price, $2.99.

Here’s the recipe I made up:

1 cup of cauliflower rice

1/4 teaspoon kosher salt

1 teaspoon of paprika

1 tablespoon of cumin

Pepper to taste

It was good. I accompanied the cauliflower rice with a leftover burger patty. Not bad, not bad.

My pantry is a little bare but I’d personally add half a white onion, chipotle powder, and garnish with some cilantro if I wanted to keep tossing this together.

Here’s the salad I’ve chosen to make for Dominican Mother’s day: Tomato and Pomegranate Salad- NYT Cooking


Isn’t she a beauty? 

Edit: This is not my picture! This is the salad from the link I’m very excited to make. Just to clarify. 

As for my writing, yesterday I wrote the first draft of the third episode for my web series. It was a tough one to crack but I’m satisfied with my initial attempt. I’ll be going back to my first two before I do a second pass on the the third episode.




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