What else am I doing?

Dear Dudes,

What else am I doing? I’ve definitely spent a lot of time talking about bread on this blog even though it’s not a bread or bread making blog, those are just things that have dominated my brain the last few months. What I should be focusing on is my writing! I should mention that part of the reason baking has dominated my brain is that I’m writing a web series about baking. Each episode so far has been seven minutes which I think is a good cut off mark.

Some of the influences to give you an idea are Party Down, High Maintenance, and Happy Endings. I don’t consider myself a comedy writer but I like to be somewhere between somber and sweet.

I don’t want to give details away just yet but the writing process has felt a lot more smooth in terms of figuring out plotting and dialogue. Usually my stories-and I think a lot of writers still figuring things out have this problem- have an issue with dialogue and how that moves the plot versus having dialogue that just sounds “cool”. People like sounding “cool” but then it’s just a bunch of drivel with no story! Kill your darlings!

This has got me thinking. What do David Lynch’s notes look like? Since so much of his work is abstract I wonder what his conversations with Mark Frost are like. Hmm…




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