Dear Friends,

Dear Friends,

Sorry I haven’t posted in this last week. Twin Peaks has begun. I watched the first four episodes and I’ve had nightmares two nights in a row. I made those baguettes for the show and cherry pie. I didn’t understand what a high hydration dough meant until I had to form those baguettes. It was messy, and I don’t know when I’ll want to try it again. One looked like a guitar, my friend called it a turkey leg. I forget to take a picture but please take my word for it!

The cherry pie turned out swell! I had to de-pit half of them by hand using a chopstick. The internet giveth, and it taketh away. It was messy. But I’d make the pie again. Even more satisfying for me was that I made a crust using the NYTimes Cherry Pie recipe with a lattice top crust. Pie crust has always been a little weird for me so I’m pretty happy with that result. Here’s the cherry pie pictures which I managed to remember.

While many Americans will be celebrating Memorial day this next weekend, I’ll be having a Dominican Mother’s Day bash with family members. Finally a larger audience for my food! I needed this excuse to really go all out. I made more pie crust for an apple pie, I’m going to make vanilla ice cream, and a chocolate gateau basque. Originally it was going to be strawberry ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, and a vanilla gateau basque. But I realized you need almond meal for the vanilla version- that’s $10 I can’t spend. I’m trying to save money and I’ve been meaning to use up this Dutch processed cocoa powder for a while now.  The only thing left to figure out is what my giant salad will be! Any suggestions? I was considering a Niçoise salad but that has eggs, an ingredient in my moms potato salad.

I’m not only trying to save money, I’m trying to spend it more wisely. Student loan debt and credit card debt is awful to have on your back. I knew you could use a method of paying once a week versus once a month in order to pay off debt faster but I hadn’t really considered it for myself. Let’s see how this pans out. Freelancing means my bank account is always in flux- hopefully I can spend my money less on frivolous purchases! I’ll let you know how the stuff turns out.





The Red Room from Twin Peaks. It’s back!


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