Mother’s Day Croissants

Dear Yeast-heads,

Yeast heads is a gross way to greet someone. I’m very happy to say that my mother’s day brunch was a success! My croissants were definitely worth all the waiting and work. They were buttery, flaky, and delicious. My brother, aka the world’s pickiest eater said he didn’t like the because they were too crunchy and flaky. He thought croissants were supposed to be soft and tasteless. He’s growing up with so much processed food he doesn’t know what a real croissant should taste like! AH! My mom thought they were delicious.

I should really start focusing on cooking. While baking is great, you can’t have croissants and home made bread every day. You need other form of sustenance like fruits and vegetables. The croissants were so buttery I definitely will not be making them again any time soon.

For the next mother’s day, Dominican mother’s day I’ll be making a salad! Yay, something green-for once- on this blog. I’ll also be making a gateau Basque, vegan chocolate chip cookies, and a strawberry ice cream- a Neapolitan array of choices. I haven’t decided what kind of salad, I’d like it to be super bright and attractive, but also obviously delicious. We shall see.




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