R.I.P. Bready Lamarr

Dear Dough Downers,

Bready Lamarr had to be discarded. She got filled with fruit flies! I was putting her next to my fruits not thinking they could get into the jar. But since I stopped using a kitchen towel over it and solely relying on a cling film with tiny holes in it, they crawled right in there! I’ll be attempting another sourdough in the near future.

I’ll be making baguettes with a poolish next week but it won’t be like a starter. I’ll be using yeast and an overnight proof. I wasn’t able to make anything for about four days because my kitchen sink was severely clogged. We suspect the neighbors were pouring grease and straws (???!) down their drain causing ours to get wrecked. Thankfully, my mom’s two work friends came to the rescue. So I made them cinnamon babkas.

For mother’s day since I’m insanely broke, I’m making a brunch for my mom, brother, and I. What’s on the menu? I made croissants! They’re in the freezer right now waiting to be proofed tomorrow for three hours. Definitely a top of the morning task. In addition to the croissants, I’ll be making a mushroom frittata, Dominican salami (which is actually just bologna), and maybe hash browns. I’ll be serving a side of fresh fruit as well. I’m gonna make it look super fancy by pulling out the cutesy china we never use.

Next week is Twin Peak’s premiere! I’m very excited. On the menu for that? A Stir Fryer Wok with me courtesy of my friend. I’ll be making a Cherry Pie, and as I mention before baguettes a la Horne. Hopefully my friend can also make a damn fine cup of coffee.

Since I’ve been on this baking journey I’ve been concerned with balancing my excitement and eating healthy- something I’ve struggled with my whole life. So today I’ve been eating fruit and healthy protein all day. If you saw how croissants are made you’d be shocked. It’s dough with an entire sleeve of butter. And yes, that dough already has butter in it. My other issue is sugar. Trying to stop eating so much processed food, but especially processed sugar which is everywhere! Today I’ve been okay. I did eat a bread roll I didn’t make. I have a whole wheat bread loaf I did make that I should be eating.

Here’s to eating healthy but treating yourself. Remember to hydrate!



P.S. Here’s a great Italian film I had to watch in school. Inspired by all the good food and the new season of Master of None. Benissimo!

pan e tulepan

Pane e tulipani (2000)



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