Dear Productive Friends,

Dear Productive Friends,

How do you do it? I’m a fan of to-do lists but lately mine has gathered dust. Summer heat has tucked me away in a dark cool crevasse of my room. In other words, I’m being so lazy right now! I haven’t written any new pages of my screenplay in two weeks and I haven’t finished cobbling together my new resume.

For the last few months my part time non-career job as a housekeeper/companion has taken a disproportionate  amount of time. I need money but I also want to start making money by doing the things I want to do. I was supposed to quit this job about six months ago yet here I am. I’ve been assisting an elderly woman with her day-to-days. I’ve transitioned from ten hours a week  with her plus other clients to twenty five only with her. My days with her have not become easier. Her dementia makes her prone to mood swings and asking the same questions over and over. At first I had very little understanding over what was happening. I just thought she was old. Her memory had faded.

Her family recently told me she is slipping away. That’s why she needs more assistance. While she can use the bathroom herself, and cook she is weak and gets tired very easily. Essentially, my job is to maintain a certain quality of life for her. Spending your days alone with dementia and cancer isn’t great. So I keep her house clean and keep her company. She doesn’t read the newspaper anymore and doesn’t want to go outside. Sometimes I play show tunes that always puts her in a good mood.

The problem is that today I watched three job postings on a board get taken because I was sitting as she spends a lot of the day sleeping. My fear is that I will get a job and leave her to basically die with a new companion that’s a stranger. It took her about 8 months to finally learn my name and sort of trust me. She doesn’t fully trust me and tries to kick me out all of the time. But, when she’s in a good mood she tells me she likes me. I think I maybe her only friend.

My solution to not losing out on these jobs is putting my resume (I need to edit together) on my phone and email it that way to prospective employers. We’ll see where it goes. If I do get a job I guess I’ll just have to take it.

4th of July Weekend is coming up and I’m thinking of taking my brother to the Hayden Planetarium at some point this week. I’d also like to bake or make some sort of “patriotic” cake.



P.S. Getting this blog post done is check off my list!



Driving Miss Daisy (1989)



Dear Friends,

Dear Friends,

Sometimes an ear worm nestles its self into my brain. I can’t stop listening to Seasons of Love and now my brain won’t stop doing a mental playback. Fortunately, it’s a beautiful song.

Besides the echoes of music, I’ve been thinking a lot about financial responsibilities and the realities of my goals. I need to get up on my feet and that’s not happening with the little money I make. Since I can’t save much of it I’ve been in a rut. But hopefully with more PA jobs that I have to seek not just sit and wait around for, I will be able to pay for it. Keeping my head above water isn’t going to cut it. I’ve also applied to TaskRabbit. You now that feeling of having money in the bank after being broke? That feels good. Less stress. Today I got charged an overdraft fee for the first time in my life. It feels even worse than not having money because when you do put money it eats away at that. So in addition to not having money I was in the red because of said overdraft fee. Does that mean they’ll charge me again? Bah. Financial literacy needs to be taught starting in kindergarten. Save me all of this trouble and a lot of money.

I’m still stuck on how to end my screenplay. Right now, the plan my protagonists set out to make has been revealed to someone of little power. They have yet to unravel the whole thing but they’re really close. I’ll get there. My ultimate goal is to have it read a loud by a group. I don’t expect to have Pulp Fiction read back to me. I just want to develop my craft!

Welp, that’s all I’ve got right now because I’m falling asleep in my chair.




Billy Elliot (2000)



Dear Belated Recipients,

Dear Belated Recipients,

I know no one is reading this but I did say I’d write. I didn’t yesterday. Here we go.

Work has been the same old same with the old lady. She’s cranky and the only thing that puts her in a good mood is show tunes. I discovered this a while back but I haven’t played them in a while. She was so cranky on Tuesday she kept trying to throw me out. Her daughter applauded me for my patience. I’ve just learned not take her quips personally. That’s a big thing for me. Surprisingly his name comes up a lot. On Wednesday, first thing in the morning I played her favorite song, Getting to Know you from the King and I. She loves it. I’ve been doing that all week. All she really wants is some company.

Besides work the highlights of my week has been Outlander. So last night instead of writing I spent the night reading. When was the last time I didn’t spend it on my computer? Last summer when I read Salem’s Lot. This summer weather has put me in a good mood.

While reading is the next best thing to writing, the show must go on. Off to write some more of my script and leaving with some inspiration for the next one.





Rent (2005)





Dear Outlander Fans,

Dear Outlander Fans,

Aye, I am a newly converted lass. If you take a look  at my summer reading list you won’t find Outlander on it because I bought it on a whim. It was a mistake to try and buy some of these books in a store. So many other options! First I went to an independent bookstore which I wholly support and usually buy books from but I couldn’t find any of the titles I wanted to buy. Then I went to Barnes and Noble and found some new titles including Outlander which I felt I had to have. So expensive! Then, I went online and some of them were less than half the price. This is the problem. I’ve become part of the problem.

So, instead of finishing Hamlet I went straight for Outlander. For some reason it really called out to me. I think it’s because it includes topics that I’m keen on including the Scotland, Postwar Britain, and time travel.  More to come on all on of those themes.

So I’m revising that list to include Outlander, The Cripple of Inishmaan, and the Glass Menagerie. At this rate I’ll finish Outlander pretty quickly. When I bought it I thought I would have to save the bulk for a long car or bus ride. Already ripped through 150 pages.

What do I like so far? Claire is compelling as a narrator. Her abilities as a nurse feel like a natural way to move the plot forward. Her outsider or outlander-ness is great conflict. The tension between her and Colum is delicious. She’s not getting back to 1945 is she? How did she get to 1743? I have so many questions I’m not sure even matter.

I know there is a Starz series, which is what led to me the book in the first place. Now, spoilers usually don’t bother me but I have a hard time watching something and then reading the original work. I have to read the book first. It allows me to imagine the characters and build the world on my own. If I do it the other way around all I’m doing as I read is playing back the movie or show I just watched.It took me much longer than it should’ve to read Inherent Vice because I watched the movie first. Unfortunately, I’ve done some cheeky googling! Shouldn’t have done that. Once I finish this first book I’ll watch the show. Patience Michelle.

The details in this book have really impressed me. Diana Gabaldon must’ve intensely researched Scottish life in the 18th century. Did some more googling and found out that she has various degrees in the sciences including a PhD and she’s Mexican-American. Amazing. A new hero that’s a Hispanic woman to boot. Can’t wait to finish this book! Till next time which is hopefully tomorrow.



P.S. Still haven’t won the Hamilton lottery.



Braveheart (1995), 13th century Scotland 500 years before Outlander.



Dear Friends and Mourning Strangers,

Dear Friends and Mourning Strangers,

A lot has happened in the last week and I needed some time to think. I keep trying to blog but then I have new things to process and don’t know where to go.

Last week was all about personal and professional development. I’ve been waiting to hear those precious words, “See you on the next one”. Working here and there isn’t exactly financially viable. But I was surprised by a stream of compliments! Not just from working on one project but on another project  on which I thought I had done a terrible job. Turns out they liked me.

This week every one is reacting to tragedy myself included. What’s the breaking point in this trend? It wasn’t the death of twenty six year olds, and it wasn’t a church shooting. What can we do as a people to change this abysmal paradigm? I’ll end this on a lighter note and say that the reaction has been heartwarming and profound.

With Love,




Legally Blonde (2001)

Hello fellow future thespians

Dear Thespians of the Future,

Another day and yet another Hamilton lottery I didn’t win. That’s okay but I want to feel the electricity of a live performance. Any performance! Was that dramatic? I don’t care!

Here’s another summer goal- taking an acting class. Directing is so much fun. Watching actors play and figure out their characters bring me immense joy. But where does their energy and knowledge come from? I’d like to be on the other side. Especially if I intend to grow as a director. So, I’m saving up money to take a ten-week beginners course.

Bid adieu,


P.S. I’ve kept this one short and sweet because it’s and I’ve got to be on set tomorrow! More on that kind of stuff later.


Screen shot 2013-09-13 at 11.19.34 PM

 Ingmar Bergman’s Seventh Seal (1957). All hail Max von Sydow! 


Dear Friend(s?)

Dear Friend,

It’s summer time. Perfect for blogging. “How? That’s an indoor activity!” Well, I’ve set up some summer goals and I’m on my way to finishing the first draft of this feature film. Blogging is fun and an exciting way to document my journey that allows me to keep flexing my writing muscles.

Besides writing I’m reading more than I have in recent years. Here’s my Summer 2016 Reading list:

  • Hamlet
  • The Yellow Wallpaper*
  • Visit from the Goon Squad
  • Dead Souls
  • This is How You Lose Her
  • Sputnik Sweetheart
  • Crime and Punishment
  • A View From the Bridge
  • Heart of a Dog
  • Treasure Island!!!
  • The Fortress of Solitude


My list of movies would wear your eyes out.

Let’s see how this blog goes. Can I make it an everyday thing?



P.S. I’d like to include an image from a movie I enjoy in each of these posts.

Screen shot 2013-09-13 at 9.36.14 PM

The 1944 classic noir Double Indemnity