My first Dear,

Dear All,

I’ve started this site because I keep sending dumb emails to my friends about one thing or another-mostly about movies. To be fair movies are what I want to do. I want to write and direct. But I’m sending these emails and not writing. Even though emailing is technically writing I want to channel this habit into something more constructive.

I keep sending these emails becauseĀ  I live in a world where I no longer see people every day in school. I placeĀ things in the back of my mind with hope that I will see them soon and share those things with them. I text but that can only convey so much. My brain refuses to cooperate. I want to share things and express things I don’t get to or can’t.

Even if no one reads this I at least found a way to get it all out. I suck at keeping diaries so let’s so how this goes.



P.S. I feel as though my brain is waking up from a long hazy nap.